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Web App Security

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Web Application Security Analysis

    The ideal approach to evaluating and securing a web application that's already written.  VESARiA's Web Application Security Analysis service puts the skills of a trained VESARiA analyst to your service.

Ensuring Thorough Security

    After gathering key information from your developers, we review the source code of your app.  We take it apart, finding its weaknesses and determining the key aspects of its security.  We apply our proprietary Web Application Security Model, which pinpoints the key elements of a web app's security.

    We then work with you to secure the app.  If you like, we can rewrite certain sections of the code.  Or, we can lead your developers through the process.


For a free initial consultation, where you can discuss your web application with us, and find out about its security needs, please contact us online, or call us now at (443) 501 – 4044.

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