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Web Application Security

Our Model


Web Application Security Design

    The best way to achieve web application security is to incorporate it from the beginning.  VESARiA's Web Application Security Design service is designed to enable developers to do so.

Security by Design

    We discuss your web application with you, from the vantage point of security.  We know what questions to ask to get a full sense of the security needs of your project.  Based on our years of experience, our extensive research, and our proprietary Web Application Security Model, we pinpoint the areas that are fundamental to your app, and show you how to secure them.

Teach me how

    Applications designed with security from the ground up offer a level of rigor and stability that can't be matched by apps that implement security as an afterthought.  What's more, by working together with us from the design stage, your developers gain invaluable training in hands-on, real life web application security.

For a free initial consultation, where you can discuss your web application with us, and find out about its security needs, please contact us online, or call us now at (443) 501 – 4044.

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